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FS Construction Service’s is an authorized dealer and builder of Lester Buildings, Borkholder Buildings and other suppliers. FS Construction Service can also provide steel framed buildings for commercial and farm use. We work with several steel building vendors including Sukup, Sentinel, and many more! Our previous projects include agriculture & chemical buildings, scale houses, and many other farm implement buildings. 

Lester Buildings

Lester Buildings is one of the industry’s leading manufacturer’s for pre-engineered post framed buildings. Their in-house engineers ensure that each building is designed to withstand the climate where is it being installed, as well as the use of the structure. The building types range from farm storage and livestock buildings to residential and commercial structures. All pre-engineered buildings are designed through Lester Building’s Software “Improv”. Once we discuss the wants and needs with the customer to get specifics (dimensions, building options, building type, etc.) our staff can create the design of the building. This process is extremely quick, and the best part is, the Lester Engineers will ensure all buildings meet their requirements. Learn more 

Borkholder Buildings & Supply 

From Agricultural Storage to residential and commercial needs, Borkholder specializes in post frame building packages. Borkholder Buildings & Supply has been engineering, designing, and supplying buildings since 1962.Learn more 

AGI Sentinel Building Systems 

Most Sentinel buildings feature all-steel construction, although some product lines do offer a steel/wood option. AGI Sentinel buildings are designed and fabricated according to AISI and AISC specifications, and the company closely follows guidelines provided by the Metal Building Systems Manual which outlines recommended industry practices from building sales through the entire erection process. Additionally, Sentinel engineers are registered professionals and Sentinel welders are AWS certified. Learn more 

Our Building Repair and Renovation Services 

Although our new building construction is most of the service we provide, we still understand that building repairs are an extremely important need to our customers. Our service department is well equipped to take on any repair to your building including sliding door repairs, deteriorating columns/posts, girt and purlin replacement, building re-roofs/re-skins, skylight/ridge light repair, and any other type of building repair you may have. We take pride in helping our customers fix any issues with their buildings as they may arise. FS Construction has tremendous experience in the various areas of pre-engineered buildings, steel framed buildings, and repairs. We will certainly meet your building needs and expectations!

Our Construction Services:

Pole Barn Buildings

FS Construction is extremely active in the post framed building and/or pole barn market. We have been erecting buildings for many years and we stand by our product! As Lester Buildings Dealer, we not only have top of the line products, but we also have the Lester Engineers designing and backing each and every project that we build. Whether you need help designing a building, or simply don’t know where to start, give us a call and we will walk you through the steps to help design the building of your dreams! Material only packages are available as well if you desire to erect the building on your own. Lester Buildings provides all plans and details for complete erection of the building structure.

Our Pole Barn and Post Framed Buildings Include:

  • Cold Storage/Farm Storage Buildings
  • Equestrian Buildings
  • Livestock Buildings
  • Hobby Shop Buildings
  • Residential Buildings

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Steel Framed Buildings

FS Construction provides metal building solutions designed for many different sectors. Our team works with several different accredited vendors to provide quality buildings that are designed and fabricated according to AISI and AISC specifications. Our vendors have in house registered engineers that ensure design and erection meet industry requirements. Whether you are looking for mini storage units or a farm storage building, let us help you design your next steel framed building!

Our Steel Framed Buildings Include:

  • Commercial
  • Livestock
  • Agriculture Storage
  • Retail Storage
  • Warehouses

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Building Renovations and Repairs

FS Construction can help you with any/all of your building repairs or renovation needs. Our team of experts can help identify problem areas of your building structure and find all possible remedies to help fix the problems. Building repairs and upkeep can lengthen the lifetime of the building and the FS Team is here to help out in any way possible.



Our Services Include:

  • Storm Damage Repairs
  • Skylight Repairs
  • Gutter Repair/Replacement
  • Column Repair
  • Walk Door/Window Replacement
  • Sliding Door Repair Replacement
  • Building Exterior Re-skin
  • Building Inspections

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Building Re-Roofs

Lester Buildings Metal Roof SystemsFS Construction can help you with all of your metal roofing needs! Our team of experts can turn your old roof into a new masterpiece that will enhance the curb appeal of your house, barn, or commercial building! As a Lester Buildings Dealer, FS Construction can give you access to the patented Eclipse Roof System. This amazing roof system allows for your roof to have the structural integrity of a through-fastened roof, with the look of a standing seam roof! FS Construction has used the Eclipse Roof System on various projects including new construction and also laying over residential shingles. Whatever your needs are, give us a call to discuss your roofing options!


Our Services Include:

  • Residential Re-Roofs
  • Agriculture/Pole Barn Re-Roofs
  • Commercial Re-Roofs

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FS Construction Services is an Authorized Dealer and builder for Lester Buildings, Borkholder Buildings and other suppliers.


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