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Grain Drying Solutions

FS Construction Services offers a wide range of brands and types of dryers. We work with a variety of vendors to find the solution to your drying needs. We have the capability to provide and install Shivvers in-bin dryers, cross flow dryers, tower dryers, or mixed flow dryers. We will work with you to determine the appropriate sized dryer for your operation not only for the present but also for the future. Below is a more in depth description of the types of dryers that are offered.

Grain Drying Equipment

In-Bin Drying System

There are two different styles of Shivvers Drying Systems. A Circu-Lator system and a Dri-Flo System.



Circu-Lator Drying System

Through the incorporation of a center vertical auger, Circu-Lator Systems offer a unique set of capabilities by allowing both continuous-flow & batch drying operation.

As tapered sweep augers pull an even layer of dried grain toward the center of the bin, the Circu-Lator uses a center vertical auger to move grain up vertically through the center of the drying bin. Grain can then be continuously carried through the system’s transfer auger system to storage bins or recirculated within the drying bin. Each Circu-Lator core machine also features a horizontal unload auger located under the bin floor for conventional unloading.


Dri-Flo Systems unload dried grain through a horizontal unload auger located underneath the drying floor and do not feature a vertical unload auger.

Instead, tapered sweep augers pull an even layer of dried grain toward the Dri-Flo’s center bonnet. The center bonnet accurately meters grain into an underfloor auger for discharge outside of the bin.

The Dri-Flo System is perfect for the operator with an existing dry transfer system, looking for Shivvers Counter-Flow drying precision at maximized removal capacities.

Cross Flow (Portable) Dryers

Cross Flow Dryers have an internal divider between the plenums, so each fan and heater blows into its own chamber and is not affected by the other. This allows them to dry in Full-Heat mode with staged drying temps, where they may run very hot on the top chamber and cooler on the bottom chamber to preserve more grain quality. Cross Flow Dryers can also run in Heat/Cool mode where all the drying is done in the top plenum and the heater is turned off in the bottom plenum. Using two smaller fans allows you to run a larger dryer on single-phase power than you could with a Single Fan Dryer. These dryers are also offered in double and triple stack grain dryers. These units are available in 2, 3, 4, or 6 fan configurations to meet your drying needs. These dryers have all of the outstanding features of a single stack dryers.

Mixed Flow Dryers

Drying is done in 2’ tall tiers with a row of triangular exhaust ducts exposed to the outside of the dryer in each tier, and a row of intake ducts exposed to the center plenum of the dryer in each tier. The intake and exhaust ducts are tee-pee shaped, not triangular, so hot drying air coming through the intake duct enters into the grain all the way along the column allowing all the grain to be exposed to the same drying temperature, eliminating the over-dried and under-dried areas that are common in cross-flow dryers. The mixed-flow chamber holds approximately twice as much grain vertically as a cross-flow dryer. This means there is only about ½ the airflow per bushel in mixed-flow vs. cross flow dryers. Longer grain drying and retention time results in improved grain quality and test weight. Less airflow per bushel means less static pressure for the fans to work against and therefore less HP needed. Slower air speed through the grain allows it to become more saturated with moisture, making more efficient use of the warm air. One other benefit of a mixed flow dryer is that they can be ordered as expandable units allowing your dryer to grow with your operation.

Top Dry Systems

Top Grain DryerThough the TopDry is technically drying grain in the bin, it is really more like an out of bin dryer. TopDry Dryers are built to streamline your operation with easy maintenance and optimization. A shallow layer of grain on a peaked floor just under the roof allows TopDry to achieve airflows similar to Portable Dryers at low static, while simultaneously providing capacities not available in any other bin based dryer. Fan units are located on the ground via ductwork for easy operation and maintenance. All cooling airflow and heat is recovered and recycled into the air and heat from the main fans, increasing capacity and providing the best efficiency possible. The TopDry is available in a completely manual batch version and an automatic AutoFlow version which operates exactly the same as an out of bin dryer, requiring the same support items such as a wet tank.

Tower Dryers

Tower Dryers provide fast, efficient drying for large farm operations and commercial elevators. These units are completely assembled on-site and are available in a variety of sizes and heights. These dryer use vacuum cooling which improves efficiency by pulling cool air through the dried grain and then uses the preheated air to continue drying the wet grain. Grain inverters move the grain from the inside to the outside of the drying column for a more even drying. These dryers provide the largest capacity of all dryers reaching maximum capacities of 12,000 bushels per hour.

Grain Drying Equipment Repair and Maintenance

We offer grain dyer repairs and preventative maintenance services. Contact us to discuss your grain drying equipment needs and pre-season check up needs. 


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